A Big Calling in a Small Life.

A prayer warrior.

A preacher.

A teacher.

A musician.

A praiser.

A missionary.

A bible reader.

A bible quizzer.

A Children’s Ministry Leader.

A Youth Leader.

A small group leader.

A witness.

These things and so many more are the plans God has for our children. Yes, our CHILDREN. Myself and Sis. Kim have been drawn to the words: purpose, calling, plan. God is trying to instill in these children that they can begin their journey with Jesus at this young age. They can pray, fast, read the bible, SEEK God for his purpose in their life. A couple weeks ago we learned that we can do all the good things in the world, but we can’t make someone else live a life for God. They have to do that themselves. We can teach, help, preach to them and guide them, but in the end, every person makes their own decisions. These kids are wise beyond their age because God is helping them grow and learn more and more every Wednesday night.

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We have prayer meetings for Riverbend Kidz to lead, we have children’s church on Wednesday nights, we have Sunday School on Sunday mornings….but that can’t be where it stops. We need parents, grandparents, young people, older people, we need the church to help at home. Jesus needs us to be a light for these children. We need to encourage them to read the bible, to pray for God’s calling in their lives. You’re 8 year old may have a calling to be a missionary…but without your passion and encouragement they may not be able to step out of their comfort zone. 

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Sometimes it takes several small seeds to be planted, not just one. God has planted these kids in our hands for a reason. He has planted us as teachers for a reason. He has planted YOU as a parent for a reason. Be apart of this life changing ministry. Let’s bind together and pray for these children. Let’s put action on these prayers and begin to move forward with these children! Let’s encourage them to pray for people in the grocery store, the school, to doctor’s office. Let’s encourage them to put down the video games, us put down our phones and read the bible together. Let’s grow with Jesus and let’s help these kids grow with us!


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