Putting A Man On The Moon.

Our Pastor preached a message this Sunday night titled, “Putting a Man on the Moon.” He spoke about a janitor in a hotel that John F. Kennedy was in. John F. Kennedy (president of the United States at the time) asked this man, “What do you do here?” Instead of the response you would guess; he stated, “We’re working to put a man on the moon.” There was a realization that everyone together had a job to do; their focus was putting a man on the moon. Their focus was not on themselves and their own work, but it was the fact that each person, even the janitor had a special part within this adventure and it was important. He was a part of something. 

He began to show us that we are each members of this church body for a purpose. We are here on purpose. We each play a part in God’s kingdom. We are working to put a man on the moon. We are working to bring people to Jesus. We are working to bring Jesus to people. We are working to help that young person that is struggling with their identity. We are working to help that child lost in the middle of their parents mess. We are working to show those that have tried to find peace in other things (drugs, alcohol, pornography, etc.) that the only peace they will find is in Jesus. But, we each play a part in this. If I choose one day, not to do my part….it can harm others. Others could be lost because I forgot my purpose.

The thought immediately came to my mind about our Riverbend Kidz. We are working to build up a PRAYER WARRIOR. We are working to launch a MISSIONARY. We are working to nurture a PRAISE SINGER. We are working to support a CHURCH CLEANER. We are working to push forward a BIBLE READER. We are working as a church body; as teachers, parents, grandparents, members of the church to nurture, support, pray over our children every single day. We don’t just meet on Wednesday nights and call it done. We put in extra prayer time, extra fasting, extra bible reading for these children who need us. If one person decides children’s ministry isn’t worth it, you could damage a child that was counting on you. 1 Corinthians 12: 18 tells us, “But God has set the members, every one of them in the body, as it has pleased him.” You have a purpose. These kids have a purpose. Realize the value you hold. Realize the importance you have and share your kindness, your calling, your love with those around you. 

Pick a child, a family, someone to pray over this week to realize their calling and their purpose.


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