What’s this all about?

Children have always been an important piece to my puzzle in this whole thing called life. No matter where I find myself, it’s always connecting with kids. I started in Children’s Ministry around the end of 2012, and I’m still kicking. First starting out, it was just fun for me. I didn’t really grasp the true meaning of it until about the 3rd/4th year in. We have had our ups and down within our Children’s Ministry. We have had people come and people go as volunteers and it’s been rocky at times, but there has always been one constant, God has still worked. Through the rough times, and the times that I thought to myself..”God, when are we going to find some help…when are we going to find someone to stick with us?” I’ve had my moments of total defeat. I’ve felt like I was doing no good, and that it was just stressful and not worth it. But, then I realized I was doing things on my own. I wasn’t calling on God like I should…and when I finally realized that…that is when it turned around. That is when God placed that true burden on my heart and made me realize…”Casey, this isn’t for you…this is for them. This is for the families, the children…the ones that don’t know about God at all…the ones that have it rough at home even when you have no idea. The ones that need you more than you know. They need you to invest in them even if no one else will.” So, I did. I’m standing on the promise and seeing it come to pass every time we are in service. Children being filled with the Holy Ghost & being baptized. Children bringing their families to church. This is what it’s about. I now have a tag team partner who has stuck with me and this amazing ministry since about the end of last year. So, join us as I share some insight on what happens in our services, and hopefully some tips, thoughts, encouraging posts to take home with your kids. Invest in them and God will invest in you.