“The Bible is Kind of Like a Big Prayer, Right?”

Above is the question/statement from one of our youngest in Riverbend Kidz. This last Wednesday night we had a night of questions and answers. There wasn’t a set lesson…there was you ask your teachers questions and we will answer them the best we can. We wanted to know what THEY wanted to know…what they wanted to learn about. It was probably one of the coolest nights we’ve ever had back there. Which led me to this blog post.

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I was reminded tonight that God desires sacrifice; time, talent and treasure are the three biggest areas you can sacrifice in. I was reminded that I have been a Children’s Ministry Teacher since 2012, and God has since then placed a stronger burden on my heart for this ministry. When I feel like I’m at a loss, God pushes me deeper and helps me realize that it’s not over. These children and these families, YOU, need someone to push you, to motivate you, to remind you that you have a purpose, parents. Your children have purpose. It is our job as teachers to sacrifice our time and our heart to help you and to help these children realize that you can do great things in God. You are meant for greater things. Don’t let the world and all the daily responsibilities take that from you. It is going to take sacrifice on you as the caregiver of your home.

See the source imageSis. Kim said something Wednesday that stuck with me. She exclaimed to the children, “This is why we want you everyday, to fall in love with Jesus because he is the only one that will NEVER leave you.” I am not a parent, but I am a teacher. I am a witness. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am a friend. Growing up, I didn’t have the parents that loved God. I did have a grandma that loved God though, and her prayers have kept me. So, if you are in this life….living for God as a parent..a grandparent…an aunt…an uncle…don’t take it for granted. Don’t let the things of this world get in the way of helping your family build a relationship with God. Your children need you. I see it more and more everyday…the lives of families that have been torn apart because they didn’t put God first. It’s not always easy, your kids might not always like to be different than all the other kids, but I am telling you it is worth it. I stand here as an adult who chose to walk this path even though my parents didn’t, and I  tell you…. there is no greater life lived than a life lived for God. So please, take this to heart.

Read the bible with your kids.

Pray with your kids.

Let your kids ask questions about God even if you’ve had a rough day.

Soak in the moments of worship with your kids.

Help your kids serve others and be a light to this world.

You won’t ever regret it.


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