Who Do You See?

I see prayer warriors. I see children of God. I see difference makers. I see kids with a burden. I see kids who love to be in God’s presence. I see world changers. I see chance takers. I see the brave. I see the bold. I see an opportunity. I see an experience. I see love. I see today. I see the future. I see kids fighting their battles in prayers. I see good.

But I also see the pain. I see the worry. I see fear. I see the confusion. I see the battles within. I see the battles on the outside. I see the sadness. I see the anger. I see the struggles in the family. I see the thought of not being good enough, not being enough. I see the bad.

See the source imageSee the source image

Being a child is so hard, really. It looks so fun, and we as adults all wish we could go back and be a child sometimes, but this world is so different now. These kids have the faith of a giant. I personally, can’t describe it. When asked, “Are you scared?” The reply is, “No, because God is with me.” But, when you truly choose to look into their eyes, and dive deep into their thoughts…you will see…yes, these kids love Jesus with all of their hearts. I see this in their worship, I see this in their praise. I see this when they lay hands on their friends and begin to pour their heart out to God for their friend who needs Jesus at that moment. I see that, I see that faith in their eyes, in their hands. But, we have to remember….kids battle things just as we do, and I think we have lost sight of that.

These kids cannot afford us to give up. These kids cannot afford us to not make the effort to help them succeed. Sometimes, they need to be reminded that they can do this. They need our encouragement to let them know, they are more than enough. They need us to push them a little to be motivated to read their bible, to pray, to live their life for God even at this young age. They need that. Because when they go to school, it’s hard. That is an understatement. I hear bullying stories from our own group of kids and it hurts me…because I don’t want them to hurt. But, I also want them to know…God will keep them. God will give them strength. God will give them the words to witness to those around them if they persevere and they give everything they have to God, as young as they are…they CAN and WILL make a difference. 

Fight your battles, help them fight their battles in prayer, in surrender, in total trust in God…they got this…you got this..God’s got this! 





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